Friday, October 04, 2013

Reviewing Gabby Franco’s Book

I’ve now had a chance to read through Miss Gabby Franco’s instructional book on shooting, "Trouble Shooting Mastering your Pistol Marksmanship".   It’s designed for coaching beginners and I enjoyed her approach very much because it’s close to my own when it comes to instructing people in shooting the handgun.

Gabby’s roots are in Olympic shooting for which she has credits any pistol shooter should be envious of. Her book seeks to teach the more knuckle draggy arena of defensive handgun marksmanship. It’s refreshing to see a combination of the principles of Pullam and Hanenkrat’s “Position Rifle Shooting” and Morrison and Cooper’s “The Modern Technique of the Pistol” blended into an insightful text that focuses on the needs of the shooter. Gabby’s book stresses core principles adapted to human physiology to find what works for each shooter. That’s the way it should be.

If you are a new shooter, this book will help sensitize you to what your instructor is and isn’t covering. If you are an experienced shooter or even an instructor who does not have the rarer combination of target shooting and defensive shooting experience in your kit, you’ll likely learn something as well.

And she didn't even complain about that impossibly rough Browning Hi-Power she was made to shoot when she tested for Top Shot. Bit of a departure from Free Pistol that was. 

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