Friday, February 23, 2018

Manhood Around an AR-15

Don’t be a mall ninja. Work on your fundamentals. Build your discipline, responsibility and focus. Be “well regulated”. It’s not a theatrical prop. It’s not a toy. Don’t treat it that way.

Most people in America haven’t a clue how to be responsible citizens around firearms. But it goes deeper than that at this point. Most people in America don’t know what it means to be a good man. And by “good” I do not mean conforming. I mean that solidness about you that the men and women in your life rely on, are comforted by, and love.

Of course a good man knows how to nurture. Of course you are sensitive to other people’s needs. Of course you are gentle and kind to others. WTF? Good is as good does asshole. Be good!

But there are times when you’d also better understand, like when you pick up an AR-15, that there are rigid codes, rules and skills that are expected of you. And that you will be judged by your peers and by strangers on how well you measure up at those times.

Sadly, too many of America’s males do not presently measure up. They have neither the skill nor demeanor worthy of the respect expected of a man. I lament that this is so. Males deserve a better America in which to flourish and contribute to the totality of our society as men. Instead, they are beaten down for trying to be good men.

Just to put the bluntest possible point on this. This is a message to men about manhood. Strong, steady, cogent manhood. Responsible, reliable, trustworthy manhood. The message is that if you don’t know what that means or don’t feel like you have it where you want it to be, do whatever you have to do to learn and become it; misguided societal pressure be damned. If you do have it, don’t be a pud, offer help to others where you can.

But know this, in the end, we all discover that we teach ourselves to make a good man out of our innards. Yeah dude. It is a lonely journey. There ain’t no mama on this ride. Get on with it.

Brother. It’s worth it.

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