Monday, April 16, 2007

Natural Cants and Ceiners

I'm now convinced about canting the rifle.

For offhand, a straighter position with the gun canted into your head really is better. It does require a slightly longer lengh of pull so I had to switch the A2 stock back onto the AR but it does feel better connected. Now comes the hard part. Breaking the old habit and turning the new one into an instinct. Shoot lots of practice with the laser and on the field to force that habit to change. Keep working on that 10-ring hold for offhand, the amount of black to grab is the space between the 10 and X rings. The White Oak shoots perfectly to point of call. It's all about consistency now. Next step is to write a new choreography with zen chants and work on it.

For sitting, I now realize where all those rapid strings that start off in the center and work their into the lower right quadrant have been coming from. As the gun recoils, one settles deeper and deeper into the true natural sitting position which is canted a little lower to the right of a horizontal hold. So while the sighter is dialed in dead on, after the first shot (which usually hits the X nearest I can tell) the trailing rounds work their way down as my right elbow settles in after each recoil. Ok. So by going ahead and settling into that canted pose from the get go the entire string should be more neutral. Additional mental note. Update the zero sheet for sitting using a 6 o'clock hold with the cant. Shoot lots of practice strings until it become second nature.

Ceiner to the economics rescue. And Ray-Vin too. 4/15/07, printed some Ray-Vin pdf files with 50-yard reduced targets then used a Ceiner converter to shot practice with .22LR. Much to our surprise, my 1-8 twist gun was pretty accurate at 50-yards using Remington High Velocity ammo. Easily good enough to use to practice rapids much more economically. It'll hold the reduced bull's X-ring at 50-yards. And that means 500 practice shots for about $12.00. Cool!

There are 50-yd Ray-Vin pdf's for 300-yd Rapids as well and that'll be on the practice menu soon enough.

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