Saturday, September 05, 2009

A.R.T. Camputer Scopes

Am pondering the pluses and minuses of the Leatherwood A.R.T. scope concept. Put one on a Remington 788 with a Timney 2lb trigger. That is one really good rifle. Shot it with a Leatherwood today going after small to medium targets at 200, 300, 600 and 650 yards. It's very fast to shift ranges and certainly well suited for it's original intended task of sniping against people sized targets. It's somewhat trickier against smaller targets.

Am learning that at least for now there is some offsetting involved. Zero at 200 and 300 is at 325 on the range ring but 600 is at 475 on the ring and 650 is at 550. Clearly I have got more to learn about correctly matching the eccentric cam to the round ballistics. I'll keep working with it.

This means that for smaller 1 to 2 MOA targets this type of scope is a compromise just like the 1E/0.5W fast turret scopes.

Right now I have a feeling the good old 10X fixed power Mildot scope with 1/4 MOA target turrets has the advantage for small target work.

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