Friday, November 10, 2006

Pendleton - Nov 10, 2006 - "Leg" Match

My very first full fledged EIC match. How cool! And I did not do too badly with a 452-2X. That's middle of the pack. I can also see you need to shoot some stellar scores to earn EIC points. This is going to be a chase that will take some work. Onto the notes.

I need to set up two sets of zeros for 200 yards. One for rapid sitting which is a hold into the black sight picture and one for offhand which requires about a minute more of elevation for the sight picture I tend to balance on.

Three lessons today at 300 Rapid. One, light was brighter and I should have brought the elevation down by about 1/2 MOA. Two, I saw the wind and called it correct as 1/2 MOA left but wimped out on moving the know. I was too timid and it cost me. I need to be more aggressive with wind. If I feel it I need to do it! Three, that Holliger barrel can shoot! There was a quarter sized rathole where the core cluster of rounds hit the target. The gun is capable. Anything still wrong is me.

600 Slow Fire went well. Yesterday's zeros in the practice match put me on paper. From then on it was about driving the wend.

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