Monday, November 06, 2006

Pendleton - Nov 6, 2006 - M-1 Garand Match

I surprised myself pleasantly today. I shot a good match. Used all five sighter shots to confirm how my M-1 Garand moves versus the SR's at 200-yards on Wilcox Range. It's a blessing to have five shots. You can do some deliberate over corrections to really gauge the movement of the elevation and windage knobs on the gun. The prone stage went very well and I was able to stick to the same dialed in sight picture, much better on my brain cells than the visual adjustment approach for yesterdays 1903A3 Springfield match. Rapid did well also. My M-1 is a good 10 ring gun. Not an X drill but for CMP matches using issued ammo this rifle's beaten zone is plenty good for the task. I made it to the Offhand stage with seven points to spare to earn a CMP Gold Achievement pin. I'd have to do my my job keeping most of the shots in the 9 ring or better. Ten one shot matches. No more sighters. Every round counts. Time to get aggressive.

I know my offhand sight picture shows more black than my prone picture I gave the Garand one click up and off we went. Today each of those shots worked out. My equipment was working, my wobble manageable and my shot calls were dead on. I managed a 281-2X. That's two points into the cut score for a Gold Achievement medal. Yippee! The score ultimately put me in second place overall for the 2006 CMP Western Games M-1 Garand Match. A very good day indeed.

I'm a happy camper. My Springfield Match score from yesterday held up pretty good too. It was enough to stay in the top ten. Gonna have to keep learning more about that gun.

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