Friday, November 17, 2006

Designing Practical Training Courses

This week I'm finishing up designing a rifle stage for a 3-gun action tournament. The course of fire itself is simple. My new found friends from U.S. Customs confirmed that my choice of 6-inch targets at 75 to 100 meters is an appropriate training scenario for use with rifles. It'll be fun and I've wanted to get this type of shooting going at BRRC for a couple of years now as a prelude to eventually trying some Infantry Trophy style matches.

What's actually taking more time is aligning the cultural habits of my formal target, police and military training perspective with the expectations of the recreational action pistol shooting community. Their procedures differ from the other parallel universes of shooting. They have not adopted the stringent use of empty chamber incicators (ECI's) yet, these are now ubiquitous in the highpower rifle community. They are still using the "safe container" case/holster approach to cold range management. I actually feel more comfortable with the CMP's "trunk-to-trunk" physical ECI in the chamber even for case rifles policy and am more and more attracted to the concept of weed whacker string "clear barrel" indicators.

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