Thursday, November 09, 2006

Hawthorne - Nov 8, 2006 - Change Over Day

Back home for the day. Took the car in to have a squeal in the brakes looked at then set to work changing over from M-1/1903's to AR-15's.

Inspected the BRRC M-1 that had gone blunderbuss on Herman. Sure enough the gas cylinder plug has loosened. That explains those big shotgun patters on his target. I cleaned that gun and did a parts tightening on it. It should shoot fine again.

I cleaned my Garand and Springfield and noticed that Greek HXP .30-06 puts a lot of copper fouling in the gun. So much that you can feel the drag in the bore. The normal cleaners were not enough. I had to use Sweets 7.62 to work on the fouling.

I also did some maintenance on the IRA webservers and best of all picked up Rachel from school and we went to get an afternoon snack together. Got the Tahoe back from the shop with the squeal diagnosed and repaired. Headed back to Oceanside.

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